Field Awareness Does Matter in Employee Management!

There is nothing which can be held as completely useless. Anything that you deem useless could offer something invaluable but only if you pursue a right approach to see it. A survey conducted by the reputed National Business Research Institute (NBRI) in Texas revealed an interesting data from many small and mid scale business organizations.

“The survey found out that almost 64% business feel that they fail to manage their field employees to what they initially plan. But only 21% of them consider it a loss for their business.”

Take a closer view on these two statistics from the reported survey. There is an amusing contrast between the two. While 64 out of every hundred businesses are not sure about the work efficiency during field operations and therefore feel a lack of desired control for the management of the activities carried out by the field employees.

Many businesses are aware of issues which make their management flawed. But somehow, they are unable to fix it due to invariable reasons. But a different figure from the same survey reports that more than 21% of this 64% don’t consider it to be a loss for their business. In other words, those 21% businesses don’t even feel the need to change it. They have probably accepted the inefficiency as a part and parcel the field operations. And frankly, they don’t even have the specific points by which they can prove the inefficient operation actually.

Why be careless to improvise even if the current process is clearly not working out? On contrary, few businesses went far ahead with their opinion that it is somehow harmless to a business. I mean you can’t justify both the opinions at the same time. If your process is not working, then how can it not be a loss!

Field Inefficiency wastes much of your time, investment and efforts. How much more would you like to suffer to realize it as a loss?

For a business, the management is the ‘key’ to productivity. If a business says it is unclear about its field activities, this naturally associates uncertainty about the team’s productivity. Well, for a person like me, productivity is directly proportional to the clarity of management. Why else would a business feel a lack of control? If management is not able to control the proceedings as per the plans, it is also going to waste the resources that a business has invested in the field work.

Thus the business remains blind to evaluate the field activities, and it turns out even worst if the field reports are fabricated by a team member for convenient manipulation of work efficiency. A business not aware about the activities of its field staff will not only be vulnerable to poor efficiency, but it will also become prone to unnecessary expenditures. The unmanaged field process can easily consume more investment for the same task than to a well-managed one and yet not produce par results.

If you do not know how much work your team did, then how can you even think of making it cost efficient and effectively so?

Thus, it is really strange that why that 21 % do not consider it as a loss? Forget about the productivity, they don’t even know how much expenditure they do and how much they are supposed to do the same.

But honestly, field management is the Achilles heel of the business world. The reasons are obvious and mostly considered unavoidable too. The approach possibly dragged them to such a conclusion where it sees as a no loss for it is part and parcel of any field process. This is the unarguable indication of hopelessness which they see in the field process.

They don’t even want an alternative and readily accepted it as such. Though when asked about management, their frustration shows and in fact, it is shared by 64% of them. Then why 21% business do not see it as a loss? Why don’t others feel the same? If I am asked for an opinion, I see but the hopelessness which compelled them to ignore it somehow.

All living beings need water to live. Similarly, field operations have a big role to play for many businesses. But what can you do if you get contaminated water to drink? You know that water is essential but it is equally true that contaminated water will become a cause of illness. But if you accept the contaminated water as such and ignore the contaminated nature, on the whole, it is never a sensible decision. Do you actually think that finding any other source water is the only solution? Why not try removing the contamination before drinking?

Field management may have loopholes, but it a compulsory part of many businesses. But it is not essential to accept the loopholes along with the field management. It is just like accepting it as their fate which is really vague and not sensible decision, to say the least. It will make your business suffer and inevitably so.

We came up with Teamspoor field automation system because we believe poor field management harms any business and there is an urgent need to change it. It is a leakage which means a lot. You can realize the loss it does to your business by trying the teamspoor app.

Teamspoor is an amalgam of tracking and reporting system which not just gives an idea about the field activities but instead provides a completely transparent data about the entire operation.

Real time information provided by the app can also be integrated with your CRM. You should try it to realize the difference. Don’t miss out on calculating the savings which Teamspoor makes for your business.

It is a simple no nonsense tracking and reporting mobile app which uses GPS to capture the movements of your each team member while he is actively working on the field. The best part is it works at the same time while the activities are being carried out.

The expenditure that you had been wasting on the field process can take you by surprise. There are many expenditures of the field that were not needed to do. You will find an amazing flawless and fluent way to manage the field employees with relative ease for much better efficiency. It gives you the control that will make you feel good, really good indeed…

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