Increasing Your Field Staff Productivity is ‘Easy’!

While the entire corporate world faces the odds associated with field jobs, a recreative approach can help the cause for better. Employing a more interactive ‘work’ culture can inject a new life into your field staff.

A human brain is ‘unique’ and it’s fluctuates to invariable degrees. It makes us wonder more about the problems rather than the solutions. The field management issues are inevitable if you look at many obvious problems that are an integral part of a field job. But even then, there are those businesses who tend to blame it all on their field staff’s inefficiency. Though it never helps them overcome poor performance, yet they consistently do the same.

In the meantime, the field staff is frustrate as they it to deliver results, more so because of inability to produce expected results. Their sole priority is based on a simplistic approach, one which can save their respective jobs. On the other hand, the manager is pissed off from his employees and dugs pressure on his team, the field staff is dismissive about his future in mere helplessness.

In Between the whole mess, the idea of progressive and healthy ‘market competition’ gets lost somewhere down the lines. A small business might sustain but there’s no chance for it to proliferate unless it does anything extraordinary.

How It Reimburse a New Life Into Your Team?

Let us begin to build it from ground zero. Your team has performed poorly in the recent times. You had gave out your all but couldn’t sail it through the tides. So, the general mental state after such poor results will definitely make for a depressed and timid team environment. So what’s better to start with a motivational buildup.

Motivational Buildup

Using motivational tactics are really helpful if the performances are not up to the desired extant. Not completing a target is a very stressful and tense phase for any employee who is serious about his career. While poor performance can be the result of various different factors, you should also understand that most of the team members don’t wish to fail. In fact, they give their heart out in case they are lagging.

So, don’t be stiff with your team, because it presents an inspirational character which every team needs to overcome psychological turmoil they had been through all the while during the phase of poor performance. Instead, try these tactics to motivate and prepare them for the future prospects. It is always better to focus on ‘what they can’ rather than ‘what they have.’

  • Express your Emotions

  • Don’t Impose Fear

  • Help Overcome Weakness

  • Demonstrate Encouraging Wisdom

  • Hold Brainstorming Sessions

  • Be Flexible

Plan an Automated Field Process

While the technologies have a relieved many discomforts from the human being, most businesses are yet deprived from using the advanced technological innovations for the betterment of their own business.

Why use Field Staff Automation?

Simply because you don’t have a transparency which is essential for a fluent and efficient team work. Apps such as ‘Teamspoor’, are designed in a certain way using many intuitive technological features that make your field work more transparent and coordinated.

You can’t hope a better team performance when you don’t even know where your team members are and what they have been doing during the day. Using Automation you can;

  • You have the precise geographical location of each team member any moment.
  • You get real time event updates which help you maneuver each member individually.
  • You will get immediate Reports as soon as a meeting ends.
  • You get to know the time your team member spent with a client.
  • The overall distance traveled is calculated using satellite tracking systems.

Form Competitive Milestones

Breaking the targets into smaller milestones is really beneficial to raise a competitive spirit in the team members. When your employees witness larger targets, they treat the target as a burden. When you break those targets into smaller milestones, it gives a positivity to your team as milestones seem more achievable as they don’t look ‘too much’ in one go.

Set Incentives and Rewards for Certain Milestones

When a team member achieves a set of milestone, boost his morale with ‘cheerful’ incentives more about enjoyment and refreshment. These incentives will make your staff more careful to reach a certain milestone for the specified incentives. Try to make it a celebration of team rather than an individual. Such tactics are helpful in building a team spirit and encourage competitiveness between themselves in a more refreshing manner than an ill competitive spirit.

Distribute Work Territories

By using the advanced automation systems, you have the luxury to allocate specific work territories to each team member. This is vital in ensuring that your team members don’t get into conflicts at work. With the help of the GPS mapping systems you can easily manage the team members who try to invade other’s territory. Conflicts between the team members is a major reason behind poor team productivity.

Assess Work Individually Through the Automation System

The automated reports are more convenient for the real time assessment of a member’s effort and that makes it much easier to spot the efficiency drawbacks that you can rectify. The cloud messaging service works well to make sure you can guide a team member if he deviates from his duty or getting into a non-productive activity.

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