Why Organizations Need an Efficient Sales Team Today?

It is simply the perception and attitude of the members on the sales team that make the team good or bad. A good sales team very often brings success not because they are trained with smart and creative ideas but they are full of positive energy and anyhow find a way to solve any sort […]

Posted on March 25th, 2017

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It is simply the perception and attitude of the members on the sales team that make the team good or bad. A good sales team very often brings success not because they are trained with smart and creative ideas but they are full of positive energy and anyhow find a way to solve any sort of complex problem, whereas, on bad team people are very negative and at time of demand for cooperating other team members they show reluctance. Also, on a bad team people prefer gossiping over hard work and always complain for all the facilities and the training process the company provides.

Definition of an efficient sales team

In simple terms, a good team is pronounced as efficient team. But, only sales staff’s positive attitude and praise for the existing training processes will not let success to knock the business door. Sales executives need to upgrade the old running business processes with more advanced ideas to optimize the business model and it can only be possible by their persistent effort.

Importance of efficient sales team

What is the foundation of any business? Of course, sales!

The growth or stagnation of any organization is significantly dependent upon how sale is going. More sales means more profit. Sales team joins the company to the users hence they play a very crucial role in revenue  generation. Some of the important points are mentioned below that tell exactly why a good sales team is required:

  • Converting the leads

The primary task of sales executives is understanding the user requirements and letting them know how their company can effectively fulfill those needs. Converting the leads is a process of personal connection between two persons – one sales rep and another the prospect. Very first the executive tries to get the insight of prospect’s mind reasoning and based on the expectation he/she pitches how his/her product or service is the best solution for that.

  • Gaining the trust and loyalty of customers

Making a strong and long term relation with the already existing customers is way more easier and cost effective than making a new customer. The unhappy customers will not tell you that they are not satisfied with your services rather they will switch to your competitors, therefore, after-sales calls are very important to garner the feedbacks from them. It make the customers feel that the company values them and their experience of provided service or product so that, in future, they can be served more better. The follow-ups is a great way to make the existing customers aware of newly launched or upgraded services. In this way the sales professionals make a permanent connection with the customers gaining their trust and loyalty.

  • Converting the business into ‘brand’

 Car engine is the important part of a car but without inserting the key, the car can not be moved, similarly building a powerful product or service is absolutely useless if it is out of reach of the users.  Branding of a business is possible only with the help of enormous number of satisfied customers. Only the happy customers would recommend their friends or relatives for your services and post the good feedbacks online for your organization. The third party finds social media a best way to get an idea about your company and prepares mind-set accordingly. Hence, sales professional critically plays an important role in making the social image of the company through a positive interaction with the customers.

  • Generating revenue

Each unit of the company is dedicated for some specific task and they together contribute in business growth. Some people help making products, some promoting those products and some for managing all these things. The role of sales staff is revenue generation. With the help of their sales skills, the sales reps drive the maximum users knowing them about the worth of goods and services their company is providing. Thus, they help stacking the profit over the revenue pillar. Without sales team any organization can never imagine its existence as they potentially help incorporating the credibility of enterprise among the end users.

  • Modifying the business model

Only the sales reps make a physical or vocal interaction with the buyers, so they keep a clear idea about what people are expecting or wanting from the services or products. This data can be effectively used in taking appropriate business decisions. Incorporating the changes as per user’s mind set would automatically attract more people and optimize the business model.

How field-force tracking makes sales team more efficient?

It is a psychological fact that people work more seriously under monitored network. Like in the examination room, students remain conscious regardless of the invigilator is monitoring them or not. Well, organizations are not the exception in this case. Sometimes sales executives take their work casually or do their personal tasks in working hours,which ultimately reduces the productivity.

The best way to utilize the organizational resources productively and inspiring field-force to work efficiently is through App based tracking solution. This employee route tracking App is a combination of web-based dashboard for upper management and android App for field executives.

With the help of this software solution, the manager can check all the real time sales related activities and also see if his/her field-force is working persistently during working hours or not. The other benefit of using this App is field professionals don’t need to maintain their DSR manually as the App itself makes it through DSR automation for everyone and reflects on the dashboard under respective column.