How To Track Your Team Effectively In A Busy Schedule?

Does working in a busy schedule makes impossible to track your team? No.. A big No!! You can easily track your employees even in a busy schedule? Wants to know how?? Read on… Remember a famous saying “Rome was not built in a day”? Similarly, when you plan to start a business, it does not […]

Posted on March 10th, 2017

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Does working in a busy schedule makes impossible to track your team? No.. A big No!! You can easily track your employees even in a busy schedule? Wants to know how??

Read on…

Remember a famous saying “Rome was not built in a day”? Similarly, when you plan to start a business, it does not get build up easily in a day or so and achieving enough profits is not a day’s job. You need to have patience and that involve proper scheduling of employees. But it often becomes difficult to track them from your busy schedule.

You have employees that are juggling among few tasks of their daily routine like school, families, home, any additional jobs and more on. You are trying to juggle all that in your employee schedule. To manage these things from your busy schedule is quite demanding and it was never so easy.

Let’s see how an employee gets engaged while working :

The pie-chart pictorial shows an organization’s employees engagement in work and what percentage of employees gets engaged while working.

It is a no less fact that in an organization you cannot have all hard-working employees, some are less hard-working or some are moderate and it becomes challenging to track each of them.

Until now…

Great News!! Now, you can easily track your employees from your busy schedule and can keep an eye on them and bring out the best in them by noting few things.

There are eight ways by which you can make scheduling easier for both you and your employees. Check down here:

1 # Make a goal that is attainable and challenging

Since employees are responsible for reaching their goals, they need to have a strong voice in setting them. Before you start your business, your aim and goal should be clear and well defined. Make a strategy what can be attainable and are challenging and make arrangement accordingly.

Plan your work and have a better strategy which may help you to track your employees even if you are busy.

2 # Create a successful plan

What makes your business grow? Definitely, a well thought-out business plan will boost your business and a successful plan will help you to make it through. You can create and identify a business by the plan you make. A successful plan will let you achieve heights.

Make a plan which lets you be successful i.e. a plan which is well organized and make your employees easily available and traceable.

3 # Monitor your progress step by step

Your success story in a business does not come as soon as you establish it. You have many things to look for. Whatever you plan to do, you have to be definite and should make a progress chart and monitor it step by step.

Review the plan made and go slowly, mark every single detail of your employees through the TeamSpoor application and track them when they are not in the office premises. Monitoring through application will help you in saving your time and can do more productive things.

4 # Know your employee’s demand

To understand an employee is still a task that is unresolved. Every employee has some or the other problems and demand. To know their demands, wants and meeting them still remains an obstacle. And to know their demands depends to a great degree on what basis you are paying your employee. Like on factors such as responsibility, authority, job knowledge, job skills and unusual working conditions.

If you are focusing on these factors of your employees, then definitely your employees put in more efforts and makes your workload easier in tracking them.

5 # Communicate with your schedule

One of the common problem every organization face is communicating their employees schedule effectively. Many companies struggle in scheduling their employees and tracking them becomes a strenuous task. If you communicate well with your employees, it may become easy for you to track them and know their know-how.

Some organizations rely on their employees to check paper schedules, even if these schedules change on the fly. Often these problems lead to errors in the schedule, as there are gaps in the information. Communicating well with employees will give you a better result in performing the task.

6 # Find employees who are ready to work additional shifts

Many employers have employees who are ready to work additional shifts whenever employers ask for, but they expect extra salary or bonus for that work. You have to make sure that your work does not lack behind.

Finding right people who are ready to give time and work for extra shifts are required by every employer. And if you have got them, your rest of the work becomes easy.

As they say- “Spend your time on those, who are ready to listen”. Similarly, give attention to those employees and find them, who are ready to work additional shifts.

7 # Try using a Smart phone

A smart phone has gained its importance these days a lot. From entertainment purpose to any official work, we depend a lot on our smart phone. Having a smart phone is just not enough if you are not using it smartly. Yes, with an android smart phone you can track your employees on Google maps with every single detail through TeamSpoor Application.

Planning to record your employees from busy schedule??  Then this application is a way easier and lets you know your employee’s whereabouts even if you are busy or not around.

8 # Record every single detail of the above points

Keeping a record of all the things you do is a great idea. You cannot afford to miss any detail and rely on manual data. Anything that gets recorded, gets managed. Make a note of every task and record it somewhere. By recording the tasks you did and you will be doing help in easily tracking up every detail including your employees.

Now, hopefully, you can manage your time from the busy schedule and will be able to track employees easily.