How GPS Tracking And Field-force Can Combinedly Bring Business?

For many years big, medium and small organizations have been using GPS system in their salesforce’s vehicles. This idea helps them to calculate the actual distance traveled by the sales executives during working hours and also whether sales reps are busy meeting with the prospects or doing their personal task.

Nowadays another smart technical implementation is ruling the business world i.e. tracking sales executives in real time through GPS tracking app installed in their mobile phones. With the help of this route tracking app the manager monitors all ongoing field activities of his/her sales team in real time.

Here I am going to discuss some very important factors that largely impact your business and how these are connected to GPS technology.

Mark attendance on time from anywhere

Marking attendance is known as a company policy and it shows the punctuality of professionals hence this disciplinary system must be followed properly. Also, employees are paid for their hard work on the basis of this record only but for sales executives this rule might become a hurdle in case if their prospects give them the same time for meeting.

In such case, the check-in check-out system of employee tracking app helps reps to login into the corporate panel on time from the prospect’s location. This avoids the company to get into the loss because of losing the advocate users and also helps employees to show their virtual presence at time.

Garner the authentic information

People do their job with much effort and they fear about losing too. This feeling could sometimes enforce them to convey incorrect information which, in turn, adversely impacts the business growth.

With the help of GPS tracking software employees remain under monitored network hence work efficiently and deliver the maximum productivity. The manager tracks the real time location of sales team and which executive is dealing to which prospect. Also, it  gives Big Brother an idea of how long a meeting takes to get deal done. The real time information adds into authentic data that establishes a foundation for revenue generation.

Better decision making

An entrepreneur has to optimize the existing business model incorporating the intelligent decisions. But how to take such creative decisions? Decisions based on wrong data might lead your organization to end hence these must be taken very carefully.

The real time authentic data gives manager a clue to shape his/her business in new progressive direction. This ultimately helps your company to keep its sales funnel full.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Persistency has a major role in meeting revenue goal. Each input might not be resulted into a positive outcome but this consistent effort somewhere gives the guarantee of significant growth.

You will be conscious enough doing anything if someone is looking at you, actually it is human behavior. Same thing happens in corporate environment too. The route tracking solution introduces transparency in system and encourages sales team to work efficiently.

This cost-effective approach reduces the payroll cost

Each monetary investment by the organization is important and can harm business if wasted for the wrong reasons. The GPS tracking solution shows  the real time picture of what is going on in the field during working hours. It helps managers to figure out the exact amount to be given to the sales team. The saved amount can be used for further business improvement.

Introduce transparency in system and encourage for competition

Incentive remains the most pronounced word among the sales reps and companies should never do any discrimination.

To resolve this issue the tracking solution is a great help. It assists managers to flaunt the clear decisions in favor of whole team. Also, the good work done by an executive encourages others to contribute in productivity in more effective manner.

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