Employee Location Tracking Application

TeamSpoor is an Employee Tracking and Reporting Application available on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

The benefit of using an employee tracking application includes the productivity enhancement, real-time reporting, location awareness and ease of doing business.

With the help of Android or iOS application employees can report their meeting status, mark their attendance, review their performance on the analytics panel and even can communicate with the company through messaging.

TeamSpoor Employee tracking application also enables the on-field staff to capture signature as proof of delivery and upload images to their managers on a real-time basis.

This application can also work offline, i.e., it can generate reports, track employee location even when there is no data connectivity, which makes it even more useful where tracking the employee over the phone is not possible due to connectivity issues.

Who can use the Employee Tracking Application?

There is no limit on how or who can use this mobile application to track their employees, but few things should be kept in mind before implementing such a solution in any company.

The employees should be made aware that they are being tracked in their working hours. Companies should also respect the privacy of their employees and should not track their employees after working hours.

The best use of case of such applications includes Service Delivery Engineers, Product Delivery Tracking, Sales Reporting, etc.

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