Manage Departments or Teams in CRM

Manage departments and teams in CRM. Create, edit or remove departments and users from them.

Departments are a way to club users into teams. For example, you can create a department which will handle all your web leads (leads coming from your website) or a team which will handle all your incoming calls from a particular state or country.

To create or manage the department go to settings page. Select “Users & Roles” and then “Departments”.

Click on the “Add New” button (top right) to add a new department.

A popup will open which will ask you about the essential details to create a new department.

You will need to enter a name for the department, a description (for your own use) and the ID of the department manager.

You can either leave the “Manager” field to “None” if in case you do not want any user to be the manager of the department, or else you can select a user from the drop-down list.

Any user, any kind of user role, can be a manager for the department.

A manager has special permission to see any data of their team members and this permission cannot be disabled.

Once you filled out all the details, click on the “Save Changes” button.

Making Changes To The Department

There are a few settings which you can change about the department.

Click on the edit button to change the values corresponding to them.

You can change the department name, description and it’s manager.

Making a Department For Support Team

The support department is a specially reserved department in the CRM, which should be assigned to your support team members. You can make any department a support department.

It will open a new screen where you can convert the department into a support department.

Click on the check box given before “Is Support Department?”.

Any user assigned a support department can access the customer’s data in a limited way to get their queries and communication history.

Also, when a lead is assigned to a support department, then it will automatically generate a ticket in the helpdesk.

Deleting a Department

It is not advisable to delete a department, instead, you should change its settings. However, if it is really necessary to delete the department, then you can do it from the “Departments” page.

Open departments tab;

and then click on the delete icon on the right.

It’s a non-recoverable action i.e., once you delete the department then you can not recover its settings back.