TeamSpoor is a DSR automation and field force tracking service, which currently works on Android phones through an APP. TeamSpoor gets the user location data through mobile GPS as well as through Cell Tower coordinates. TeamSpoor is not a spying app. Instead, it helps the employees to automate their reporting like DSR, Conveyance & Attendance.

General questions

Do you provide on-site product support ?
Generally, we do not provide on-site support as it is a cloud based software where everything is stored on the internet and no physical device is installed at the customer's premises.
However, if your license quantity is over 100 along with annual purchase than we do provide paid on-site support. Every such support incident will be charged at US $200 per day along with transportation and accomdation costs. Day is calculated as 8 working hours.
Do you provide 24x7 telephonic support ?
No, we do not provide 24x7 telephonic support. However, ticket based support is available 24x7 with an average response time of 4 hours. You can create a support request from here.
Can I track any mobile phone number across the world ?
You have to understand that this is not a spy tool or something we often see in the films where you click few buttons and you can track anybody from their mobile number.
This service is used for reporting automation and to do that the user, whom you are tracking should have installed our application on his mobile.
What OS / Platforms do TeamSpoor supports ?
We support Android 4.4 and above and iOS 8 and above. To check reports you can use any web browser irrespective of the operating system.
As an employer or company can we access the data on our employee's phone ?
No, TeamSpoor is not a spy app. You can not access any data of the user's mobile through this app.
Can we send message to our employee ?
Yes, you can send unlimited free messages to your executives through our web panel. You can send a single message as well as message to all employees at a time.
Can we download the reports ?
Yes, you can download all the reports in CSV format.
What if an executive changes his location fraudulently ?
There is a possibility where a user can change his GPS location data through some app. We have a Risk Management module to track such users and it is available for enterprise customers on separate charge.
Can we track our executive location 24x7 ?
The reports will be available only between the time when your executive "Checked In" i.e. mark his attendance for the day and till he "Checked Out" i.e. completed his day's work.
Do you provide training to all our users ?
Yes, we do provide online training sessions to all our customers & their employees. We provide 3 free sessions of two hours each and after that every two hours online session will be charged at US $30.
What if our executive uninstall the app or switch off the GPS or Internet ?
You will get notified in all such instances. Switching off GPS or Internet doesn't effect the tracking part. You will still get all the data once the executive comes Online.
What if our executive is at some location where there is no Internet ?
Even if your employee is at some location where Internet is not available the tracking process will not get hampered. Once he came Online you will get all the data.


Which currencies do you support ?
Currently, we can bill you in US Dollars and Indian Rupees. You are free to pay in any currency but you will be charged in USD only from your credit card.
What are the payment options ?
If you are in USA, than you can pay by any method like Credit/Debit Card (Master, Visa, Amex, Diner, etc.) or by direct transer to our bank account.
If you are in India, than you can pay us by Credit/Debit Cards (Master or Visa) or via direct bank transfer through IMPS, UPI, NEFT, RTGS, etc.
For other countries only credit/debit cards having Master/Visa logo are accepted.
Do you charge GST ?
Yes, we do charge GST if you are based in USA or India. For other countries GST is not applicable.
What documents do I need for online payment via Credit/Debit card ?
If you are based in India, than we need a valid ID and address proof (who is making the payment) along with a copy of Purchase Order mentioning that you are subscribing for auto-debit via card (you will need to mention your last 4-digit number of cards).
Can I pay by PayPal ?
No, currently we do not support paypal or any other payment wallet.
Do I have to manually pay via credit card every month ?
No, we will auto-debit your card every month unless you cancel your subscription. In case of payment via bank transfer, you will be charged for whole year in advance.
How can I get the refund of unused services ?
We do not offer refund of the advance payment as we are already providing seven days free trial to all users to check and test our services.
How will I be charged after the free trial period? ?
Charges are based on the number of users you want to track or want their reporting automated. We call them executives. The Managers and Admins accounts are not billed. However, there is a limit on how many managers or admins you can create in each plan.

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