Vehicle Tracking

Manage your fleet directly through our App.

Vehicle Tracking Through APP

Real-time Location

Unlike employee tracking where location is updated on a random basis in Vehicle Tracking location is updated on per second basis, which makes it more accurate and real-time.

This will also provide very high accuracy of the location data in open areas with an average of 5 meters and 30 meters in urban areas with high-rise buildings or in cloudy areas.

This feature consumes high battery and recommended only when the users has an access to an external power source.

Starts From

$10 per month

Route Maps

Route Maps are pretty useful when you want to check what route your vehicle had followed. Whether the driver had followed the scheduled course or was performing some other tasks while he was on-duty.

Distance Traveled

Automatically calculate distance traveled by your vehicles. It is very useful in analyzing the fuel consumption, productivity per vehicle and RoI.