Automate the attendance for your employees. No more registers or equipment installation issues.

Online Attendance for Employees

Geo Attendance

Attendance can be marked directly on the app. Every attendance entry be it Log-In or Log-Out are marked with their Geo-Location (obtained via GPS or Mobile Tower) and the address of the location.

Working hours and distance traveled all are calculated automatically for faster payroll processing with lesser human intervention.

Saves Time

Anywhere Attendance is very important feature. It allow the employees to mark their attendance from anywhere if a company allows. The benefit of this is that employee doesn’t need to visit office in daily basis just to mark their attendance. Now this can be done from their mobile.

Authentic Data

t is also very authentic because all the attendance data is marked with geo-location i.e. if an employee says that he is going for an early morning meeting then this can be proved with his geo-location now.