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What is Field Force Management?

Field force management is a system that involves managing and optimizing the activities and productivity of a company's field workforce, such as sales representatives, delivery drivers, service technicians, and other field-based personnel. The goal of field force management is to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability by using technology and data to manage and streamline field operations.

This can include tracking the location and status of field workers in real-time, optimizing routes and schedules to reduce travel time and increase the number of appointments or deliveries per day, providing mobile devices or apps for workers to access customer data and manage their tasks, and using data analytics to identify areas for improvement and optimize operations.

Overall, field force management helps companies to better manage their field operations and improve the customer experience by ensuring that the right worker is at the right place at the right time, with the necessary resources and information to complete the job efficiently and effectively.

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Top 10 Benefits of TeamSpoor's Field Force Management

Field service management is a part of field force management, which helps in automating the service schedules, beat-planning based on live location and real-time reporting of the tasks.

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Improved scheduling and dispatching

Field force management allows companies to optimize their scheduling and dispatching processes, ensuring that the right person is assigned to the right job at the right time. This results in increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and faster response times.

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Enhanced productivity

By automating tasks such as time tracking, job scheduling, and route optimization, field force management software reduces manual processes and paperwork, allowing field workers to focus on completing tasks more efficiently.

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Real-time visibility

Field force management software provides real-time updates on the location and status of field workers, enabling managers to make informed decisions and better manage their workforce.

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Better customer service

With improved scheduling and more efficient field workers, customers benefit from faster response times and better service quality. Real-time updates also enable companies to provide accurate ETAs to customers.

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Cost savings

Field force management solutions help reduce labor costs by optimizing resource allocation and reducing overtime hours. They also help save on fuel costs by optimizing routes and minimizing unnecessary travel.

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Improved communication and collaboration

Field force management software enables seamless communication between field workers, managers, and office staff, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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Data-driven decision making

Field force management solutions collect and analyze data on job performance, productivity, and customer satisfaction, enabling managers to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

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Real Time Location Tracking

Track employee's location & productivity

Track your employees location on real-time basis from anywhere in the world right on your mobile. No more wandering around & if they do, then get alerts on your mobile.

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Task Scheduling

Assign tasks & get reports on real-time basis

Schedule tasks/beat-plan and send to your employees in real-time. Get the confirmation right on your mobile once the task is completed.

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Employee Route map

Save money & ensure compliance

Stop wasting money in conveyance & pay only for the exact distance. Get the travel time & distance from Google Maps* automatically. Route maps to show path travelled.

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Attendance management system

Manage attendance & build timesheet

Create multiple shifts or get the attendance with GPS location. Build timesheets for labour compliance & payroll based on clock-in/out timing.

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Increased safety and compliance

Field force management software ensures that field workers follow safety protocols and adhere to industry regulations, reducing the risk of accidents and fines.

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Enhanced employee engagement and satisfaction

By streamlining processes, providing tools for better communication, and offering performance feedback, field force management software can lead to higher job satisfaction and engagement among field workers.

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Field force management software is designed to grow with your business, making it easy to add new users, manage larger workforces, and expand into new territories.

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The most feature rich app for Android & Apple iPhone (iOS devices) with full functionality on both platforms. Fast, secure, easy to use & with tons of features to run your field force efficiently.
Features TeamSpoor
Real-time attendance with Geo-Tags & address
Get total duration worked for easy payroll.
Real-Time Location
Track real time location of the employees.
Fraud Management
Catches fake locations, altered timing, GPS tweaks & more.
Real-Time Reporting
Get visits report, meeting markers in real time.
Route Map
Exact route maps to ensure they are not deviating.
Admin/Manager's App
Check location, reporting on mobile through manager's app.
Maps On Web
Check maps right on your desktop for routes, locations & visits.
Beat Plan
Schedule jobs in advance for your field staff.
Leave Management
Let employees manage their leaves right from the app.
Expense Manager
Manage employee expenses, upload bills & reimburse.
Route Distance Calculator (Basic)
Automatically calculate distance traveled throughout the day.
Route Distance Calculator (Advance)
Automatically calculate distance traveled throughout the day by using Google Maps distances.
Image Upload
Upload images as a proof of the visit
Signature Upload
Get customer's signature as proof of delivery.
Get alerts when somebody moves-in or out of a virtual fence.
Get real-time location on map, updated every 5 seconds.
API Access
Integrate location and visits data with third party apps.
Multiple Offices
Create multiple offices. Required if you have presence in multiple locations.
Multiple Managers
Every office is managed by Managers, who are handling teams.
Multiple Teams
Every employee you want to track must be part of a team, under an office.
Custom Form
Get custom forms for collection, payments, etc., as per your need.
Telephonic Support
Telephonic support will be charged $5 per hour.
Ticket Based Support
24x7 Ticket based support is available for all our customers.

Why employees loves our app

Get started with employee tracking and reporting automation within 10 minutes. No boring and cumbersome on-boarding and training. TeamSpoor as easy as using a mobile phone to make calls.
Route Distance Calculator

It's Fast & Accurate

Our apps on iOS & Android doesn't hang, are intuitive & and clean and give accurate reporting with location data.

Leave Management HRMS

Saves Battery

Unlike other apps in the market, TeamSpoor doesn't eat your mobile battery in breakfast. Keep using your phone as you do usually as our software impact is minimal.

Expense Manager

Most Accurate Location

You will get most accurate location all the time along with several alerts if somebody tries to screw the data. Best data accuracy in the market.

Save More Money With Our HRMS Tools

Our HRMS components help companies in their payroll. From automatic conveyance calculator to leave & attendance management to expense manager.
Route Distance Calculator

Route Distance Calculator

Automatically calculates the distance traveled by your team from checked-in time to checked-out time. No more guess work.

Leave Management HRMS

Leave Management (HRMS)

Manage leaves right from the TeamSpoor app. No more sending mails and missed communications. Allow managers or HRs to approve/reject in a click of button.

Expense Manager

Expense Manager

Upload the expenses right from the mobile in real-time with an image of the bill. No more paper work and missed reimbursements.