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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are FAQ?

FAQ is the abbriviation of Frequently Asked Questions. These are the questions, which most of the users have in their mind & answering them beforehand will give you an added advantage because they clears all the doubts from user's mind.

Generally FAQs are jotted down on a single page where users can visit to find the answer but what if they don't visit or couldn't search your database or you couldn't update them due to lack of developer? With the help of Scrap.Me's FAQ tool you can generate dynamic data of FAQs, which can be shown on every page of the website.

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How FAQs Are Delivered?

Once FAQs are enabled from the control panel a small icon will be displayed on the left side of the screen. As soon as user clicks on this icon he will be presented with a list of questions and their answers along with the link of real answer.

Since the delivery is dynamic and directly from our servers there is no extra load on your website.

Some Highlights

  • Accessible from every webpage
  • User Searchable
  • Dynamicially Delivered
  • Works on mobile browser too
Will I get FAQs free with Life-time Free Account?

Yes, but you can create only 10 such FAQs.

Can I change the design of FAQ box?

Unfortunately not yet. We are working on this feature and will update all our users once this feature is available.

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