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Social Media is a new buzz word, and all your marketing efforts are incomplete unless they include social media too.

It's not easy to update your whole website whenever you add any new social media account. With simple page designs, it is not easy to find a space to add all the social networks icons on the page; our media bar helps you to jot down all your networks in a single place and make sharing easier.

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What Social Media Accounts Are Available?

Currently we support YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Google+ to name few.

We are contantly adding more networks and open for requests.

Some Highlights

  • All networks in a single place
  • Add or remove them anytime
  • Make social sharing easy
Can I add new networks myself?

You have to request us through our support site for the addition of new network if it's not already available.

Can my visitors share the link directly to social networks?

Yes, they can.

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