Who We Are?

We are small team of young & passionate people who wants to help every other company to optimise their online lead conversion.
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How did it start?

Scrap.me wasn't our first product but it is the latest one for sure.

It was started as an additional tool to effectively transfer leads generated on our website (of another product) to the sales team members because manually transferring the leads was not viable for a team of over 60 people. We were generating over 300+ leads on a daily basis through our CTA (Click to Action) button & landing page and want to distribute the leads to different departments & sales team based on different geographic regions and working hours.

So started as a bit complicated lead distribution system now it has grown to User Engagement, Lead Distribution and Content Discovery tool where you can show customers the content of their interest, engage with them through different tools and then capture & distribute the leads.

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Passion About Work

From a small part time project to handle our leads to full featured user engagement suite, we have traveled a long way in a very short span of time & this can't be done by just one or two persons. A lot of hard work by our sales & product development teams and their families based in India and US are the reason behind our success i.e. handling over 2000 customers and their traffic.

Not just our team, the support of our esteemed customers & their blessing keeps us going and motivate us to work night and day to improve our product.

Some Highlights

  • Feb 2016: Beta public launch
  • Jul 2016: Crossed 2000+ active users
  • 38 people across two continents
  • Still in beta and going strong


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