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Nothing will give you more conversions then few good testimonials from credible (with a photograph, name and company name) existing customers.

Having a dedicated testimonial page is very much recommended but showing them across your website is not an easy task. Scrap.Me testimonials show up at the right place i.e. on your contact form to give you more credibility and conversions.

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Show Unlimited Number of Testimonials

In our paid plans you can show unlimited number of testimonials, which revolves in the contact form in 5 seconds duration. More testimonials means more conversions.

Some Highlights

  • Placed at the right location
  • Available on every page
  • Unlimited testimonials
How many testimonials are available in free plan?

You can create unlimited number of testimonials in free plan but on your contact form only one will be shown on a random basis & updates in every 2 hours.

Can I get a dedicated page with testimonials?

Unfortunately we can not create dedicated page on your website but you also don't need it as we will take care of it's delivery.

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