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Splash Image Greet Your Visitors

Greet Your Visitors

Splash image is a good way to greet your visitor once when they land on your website. No constant bugging or pop-ups to distract them.

You can offer discount codes, or you can just greet them on special occasions like Independence day or Christmas.

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Works Seamlessly Across The Website

It doesn't matter where your customer was landed on the website he will still be greeted with the splash image. This way you can convey your message seamlessly across the website.

Some Highlights

  • Greet the visitor
  • Displays only once
  • Not limited to a single page
Can I display different splash on different pages?

Since it is a one time Popup displays to your visitor as and when they lands on your website there is no use of setting up different splash images on different pages but Yes, you can do it.

Can I set a duration after how much time it will Popup?

No, the reason why we call it Splash Image is that it popups as a first interaction with your website.

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