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Grab your visitor's attention.
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Grab Visitor's Attention

With the one page site culture & web 2.0 standards there is not so much data available for a user apart from the critical features but sometimes you need to offer the visitors something more like letting them know about the new feature you just have launched or a coupon code for a deal on a specific page. All this can be done through our small little angel notification popups.

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Customize As Per Your Need

You can customize the popup as per your requirement with an image or some HTML along with a Call-To-Action button. Put it at the left or right of the screen or just enable/disable for some pages. Everything can be controlled by you from a single panel.

Notification popups slide in at the bottom of the webpage as per the specified interval after the user visited the webpage. This way user will get time to examine your webpage and only after that the popup will grab their attention.

Some Highlights

  • Grab the attention
  • Specify popup interval
  • Add Image or HTML
Can I show this popup at the center of screen?

Unfortunately not yet.

Are notification popup available with free account?

Yes, but you can create only one design creative.

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