Exceptional features to get most out of your website
Contact Us form for your website, blogger, magento, wordpress
A contact form, which pop-ups automatically after a specific period allows you to pro-actively capture leads.

No programming / coding needed and you will get all your leads directly on your e-mail ID.
Social bar for your website
Social bar allows you to offer one click access to all your social sites. Currently we support Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blogger, Pinterest, Instagram and user defined blogs.
Offer site wide deals from a single top bar
Deal bar gives you opportunity to offer site-wide deals in just one click. Can be configured to stay at top or at the bottom of the web page.
Leave Intent Targeting offer last minute deals to your users
Capture the visitor's attention right at the moment when they try to leave your webpage. With last minute deal you can offer page-specific discounts or ask them to give you a feedback right before they are leaving your site.
Splash Image
Want to greet your visitors with a wonderful deal? This is the right tool for that. Popup just once per visit by the user and displays a fully customisable content to the user.
Lead Management Create departments
Offering many products on your website? Create departments and users can select them while filling up the contact form.
Lead Managment automatic lead routing
Works with department and route your leads depending upon the department and working hours of users.
Lead management APIs
With bunch of APIs and Webhooks you can integrate many more services and CRM with scrap.me.
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