#1 Employee Time Clock Application

The only Employee Time Clock Application you will ever need. Manage your employee’s timesheet right from their mobile. Application available for iOS and Android.

Clock In & Clock Out

Let your employees mark their Clock In and Clock Out time from anywhere in the world. No hardware required.

Calculate Overtime

No more guesswork. Automatically calculate overtime and punctuality with atomic accuracy.

Accurate Attendance

No disputes in the attendance data. Every data is tagged with time and geo-location for authentication.

Time Clock apps are used for payroll purpose and as well for the compliances of labour law. Many governments mandate that you should pay your employees for overtime over & above the rate of normal working hours.

To correctly calculate the actual working hours of an employee generally companies implements biometrics-based (fingerprint or retina scan) clock in and clock out system. Some also use a traditional manual system where employee signs and put the time on a register.

All off the above methods are outdated and cumbersome to manage.

With a hardware-based solution, it is a costly affair with all the AMC (annual maintenance contract) and downtimes in case of a malfunction or even the complete data loss.

Same is the case with the manual process of getting attendance. If a register gets lost or spoiled, you may lose all the data. Also, one needs to digitally compile all the data again to get some useful reports out of non-digital data.

Time clock apps are installed on the employee’s mobile phone and update the data on the cloud server on a real-time basis.

Features Of Employee Time Clock

Clock In and Clock Out

Get the Clock In and Clock Out time right from your employee's mobile phone. The best application to for employee time clock monitoring and building timesheets.

Shift Scheduling

Having employees working in different shifts? No worries, you can create an unlimited number of shifts and calculate working hours accordingly.

Geo-Location With Address

Every attendance data on the timesheet (clock-in and clock-out) is bundled with geo-location (GPS coordinates) for authenticity. Check from where they started their day.

Location Tracking

Built in employee location tracking during working hours helps managers to deploy their resources at the right location at right time to get best productivity.

Payroll Reporting

Export your data in CSV or Excel format for payroll creation. Data also contains the distance traveled and conveyance rates for auto reimbursements.

Task Scheduling

Create beat plan or schedule tasks for your employees to help them get the most productivity during the working hours.

Why Do You Need Time Clock Application

Yes, our time clock application has built in feature where you can track your time on per meeting or project basis. This feature is very useful if you want to bill your client on the basis of hours worked on a task.

Our time clock software works on iPhone (iOS) as well as support all the Android phones having software version 4.4 and above.

Our mobile application automatically generates a timesheet for the day depending upon the projects you worked on or the meetings you have attended.